Things To Do In Ports Stephens

Ports Stephen is one of the most popular places to visit in the Australian region. It is an amazing attraction for the tourists who are visiting Australia for the first time. For those who are visiting the region for the first time and are always thinking why to visit and which places to visit in the Port Stephens, here we have collected the information regarding the best choices to visit while you are there.

The best places to visit Port Stephens during the trip are as follows:

1. The mighty mountains

To have a look of entire Port Stephens it is better to find a heighted area. Once at the top it is easy to enjoy the beauty of the entire area. The most fascinating place to witness the Port Stephens’ scenic glamor is the Tomaree Head Summit walk. Located in the Tomaree National Park. The hiking itself is an adventurous experience. The steep slopes are hard to climb and time consuming but at the end as the climber reaches the summit he finds it so relieving and relaxing. Reaching to the Tomaree Head Summit base is not difficult either. If you want to avoid such challenging hikes then it is better to choose Gan Gan Look. This raised view point rests in the middle of the peninsula and allows the visitor to have a comprehensive look around the Port Stephens.

2. The beautiful beaches

The best sights and sounds that would remain in the memories forever are the beaches in the eastern region of Australia. The pristine beach that is located in between the two conical headlands is the Zenith Beach. If you have been to Tomaree Head then reaching the Zenith Beach is very easy as well. Park your car there and reach out for the Zenith beach. Next to the beautiful beach of the Zenith is the Fingal Bay. The C-shaped surfing heaven is also popular for the Fingal sand spit.

3. The aquatic adventure

If you love the aquatic wonders swimming and diving across the wide blue waters, then there is no place like the Port Stephens. The beaches offer an amazing experience of the dolphin tours Port Stephens. The Port is the home to the popular bottlenose dolphins. If you move away from the bay you will come across the dolphins that are comparatively larger in size. The best way to witness the dolphins is to take a cruise across the sea and look for the dolphins sailing across along with the cruise.

4. The sandy sensation

The sand spreading along the Worimi National Park is the largest is the most adored attraction in the Port Stephens. It is inspiring, impressive and extremely soothing. Walk on the sand and feel the amazing comfort below the feet.